How Las Vegas Used Marketing Strategies To Become A Global Attraction

There are places all over the world that allow people to gamble, but none of them have the fame that Las Vegas does. There are people all over the world that long to visit Vegas and take in everything that the city has to offer.

How did Vegas become such a hot attraction? More than anything else, the answer to that question is marketing. Smart marketers used campaigns to shape the image of Vegas and show tourists why it is a great place to go.

viva vegas marketing

Different people think of different things when they think about Vegas. Some people simply picture the city’s many casinos. Others think about its unique and beautiful hotels, or about its impressive entertainment. That there are so many different images of Vegas is part of its appeal. The city is able to attract a wide range of people, which means that hotels and nightclubs can always stay busy.

Vegas has also become an important part of culture. It’s appeared in numerous films and even in a number of songs. Many people grew up hearing about Vegas, and are excited to eventually visit the city when they reach adulthood.

The city is always finding new kinds of entertainment to offer, always building beautiful new hotels, and making sure that all of these things get plenty of press. This helps to attract new people every year. People are reminded that they want to visit Vegas, and go ahead and book trips.

For example, Vegas is regularly booking new artists to play regular shows in local hotels in theaters. These aren’t small acts — some of the biggest pop stars in the world, like Celine Dion and Britney Spears, have done Vegas residencies.

Fans of these people may be interested in seeing them perform, but it’s likely that they’re also interested in seeing Vegas. Booking these residencies puts Vegas in the forefront of people’s minds. When they start to plan their next vacation, Vegas is where they try to go.

A lot of marketers will tell you that people don’t like to feel like they’re being advertised to. Most people don’t like being told what to do and pushy advertisements can turn people off.

picture of MGM grand

The focus of Vegas marketing isn’t to tell people that they should book a Vegas vacation right away; it’s simply to remind them that Vegas is an option. The idea isn’t to push people into taking a trip. It’s to allow them to naturally come to the conclusion that Vegas is the best choice for them. In a way, it is almost a brand of its own.

Although the bulk of Las Vegas marketing is done in the United States, there is some global marketing as well. Because of this, people from a number of countries will travel to Vegas when they’re taking a trip to the United States.

Many places could learn by following the marketing example that Vegas has set. They’ve launched a strong campaign and regularly see lots of people visiting as a result of that.

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