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Posted November 17th, 2009 by Christopher -

A little while back I decided that it was time to start working on a new Las Vegas blog project that caters to writing reviews about Las Vegas restaurants, hotels, and the normal sort of thing, but I didn’t want it to be limited to just Las Vegas reviews.  I’m seriously into wine.  It’s something that I am very passionate about.  So much so, in fact, I’ve done a lot of traveling that’s just about increasing my wine knowledge and experiences with wine and food, from Napa to the Rhone Valley in France and back.  I’m at the point now where I know that I can share a lot about wines and foods in a way that will not only be educational, but could help other people really understand what it is that they like and how to select wines they run across and have a pretty good idea whether they will like it or not.

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“Sushi” and “Buffet” Will Never Be Friends…

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Posted October 7th, 2007 by Christopher - 4 comments

salmon nigiriI love sushi. I’ve loved it for years. I’m not a sushi “snob” per se but I’m definitely not a sushi novice or the type of person that only eats a few things. I love sea urchin (uni.) I love sweet shrimp. I love Spanish mackerel. When I eat sweet shrimp (amaebi) or Spanish mackerel (aji), my regular sushi chefs – BJ and Bruce at Sushi Avenue – don’t even need to ask if I want the shrimp heads or mackerel bones deep fried and served with the sushi… That’s just the way it was meant to be eaten!

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