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Guest Column: Nick the Cabbie – “Taxicab Confessions”

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Posted June 2nd, 2009 by Nick the Cabbie -

The night is still young, even if I were to judge by another city’s standards, but the guy being placed into my taxi must have started drinking at some point before noon. The girl mothering him is, surprisingly, not his mother… they seem to be about the same age.  She tells me to take them to the Palms and almost immediately notices the camera attached to the windshield. I explain that the camera footage is only reviewed when something happens, but I get the feeling that most people don’t believe me when I say this.

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Saturday Nights in Vegas

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Posted November 30th, 2008 by Christopher - 2 comments

I have to confess: it’s been too damned long since I’ve been out clubbing. I’ve been working, somewhat feverishly, on a business project involving multiple websites and I just haven’t been able to take the breaks that I require of myself to go out. Why? Oh, because I drink like a fish, and as a result, one night turns into two or three days of seriously reduced productivity.

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