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Score One For First Amendment Rights..

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Posted July 16th, 2007 by Christopher -

One issue that has always been of first-order importance to me – my whole life, in fact – has been that of first amendment protections of free speech and a free press. I personally feel that it’s better to err on the side of inconvenience or even discomfort for the masses in the interest of protecting free speech, however inflammatory or salacious it might be. In the end, I believe that even the most horrific ideas being voiced publicly will serve only to incriminate the speaker by putting a spotlight on ill thoughts and agendas. It’s those sneaky types who say one thing in public but have a very different actual agenda they are planning to put forward that you really have to worry about.. And they never say what they are really thinking…

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Las Vegas Day Trip #2: Heidi Fleiss’ Dirty Laundry in Pahrump

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Posted July 5th, 2007 by Christopher - 10 comments

Heidi Fleiss' Washing MachinesHeidi Fleiss, the famous (or infamous, if you prefer; I prefer the former) Hollywood madam-to-the-stars who was convicted in 1995 for tax evasion (the pandering charges were dropped, as I understand it,) has branched out into the greater Las Vegas area, having moved to Pahrump, Nevada about a year ago. During that time the media now and again makes reference to her plans to purchase and convert a Las Vegas brothel in the Pahrump Valley into Nevada’s first male brothel for women, aptly to be named “Heidi’s Stud Farm…” 😛

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