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Las Vegas Tax Services – For Everyone!

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Posted February 10th, 2008 by Christopher - 1 comment

I Las Vegas, with so many, uh, different sorts of occupations, there exists a market to reach out to these “service industry” people and provide solid, legitimate, financial planning, legal, and tax preparation services.

We don’t discriminate in our fair city. We embrace! You see a hooker – we see an upwardly-mobile young professional making over $1000 per day and in need of some serious tax and financial advice!

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Las Vegas Day Trip #2: Heidi Fleiss’ Dirty Laundry in Pahrump

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Posted July 5th, 2007 by Christopher - 10 comments

Heidi Fleiss' Washing MachinesHeidi Fleiss, the famous (or infamous, if you prefer; I prefer the former) Hollywood madam-to-the-stars who was convicted in 1995 for tax evasion (the pandering charges were dropped, as I understand it,) has branched out into the greater Las Vegas area, having moved to Pahrump, Nevada about a year ago. During that time the media now and again makes reference to her plans to purchase and convert a Las Vegas brothel in the Pahrump Valley into Nevada’s first male brothel for women, aptly to be named “Heidi’s Stud Farm…” 😛

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The Happiest Mayor On Earth…

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Posted January 25th, 2007 by Christopher - 3 comments

Our mayor, Oscar Goodman, is a man with both a colorful past and a colorful present. Goodman became widely known for representing mafia enforcer Tony “The Ant” Spilotro back in the day (Joe Pesci played the screen version of Tony Spilotro in “Casino” with not much but the name changed.) More recently he was given national attention for telling a class of fourth grade students if he were lost on a deserted island he’d like to have his favorite bottle of gin with him, because he really enjoys drinking, apparently, as he listed to the same group of kids “drinking” among his hobbies. He says he’s the George Washington of mayors, in that he can not tell a lie. Hell, I have to say – honesty is something refreshing in any politician, even if he might not be accused of speaking to his audience with the greatest sense of appropriateness.

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Joy Ridin’ Vegas Style…

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Posted January 24th, 2007 by Christopher - 5 comments

People drink everywhere – all over the world. I personally like to go drinking with friends. I’ve been pretty drunk before. I’ve been sick. I’ve done retarded things. I have never been anywhere near drunk enough to think a fun idea would be to break into an airport, steal a tractor used to pull around luggage carts, and take it on a joyride through airport perimeter fences and onto the main airport property. I’m thinking that only in Las Vegas would someone ever get that drunk… here’s KLAS TV’s story about it

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