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Guest Column: Nick the Cabbie – “Step on it.”

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Posted November 25th, 2009 by Nick the Cabbie - 1 comment

police-comfortInstead of getting in my cab, this guy walks around to my window and says, “Can you get me to the airport in ten minutes?”

I quickly consider a multitude of factors like

(A) where I am,1

(B) which route I will take,2

(C) how long it normally takes from here,3

(D) what day it is,4

(E) what time it is,5

(F) how much traffic will there be,6

(G) how much I want this ride,7

(H) what I need to say to get it,8

(I) what will happen if I take longer than ten minutes,9

(J) how big my tip will be if I miraculously get him there in time,10

(K) what are the most important details of this story that I may forget to mention,11 and

(L) which trenchant author I will need to rip off when I finally write this down.12

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Let the Debauchery Begin!

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Posted November 23rd, 2009 by Christopher - 2 comments

martini-girlFour score and… okay who am I kidding, in 2006, I started my little Las Vegas blog on, not realizing at the time that it would be much better to have my own domain and the freedom that comes with it.  Not very long after that I moved to my own domain, here on, and here we have remained with the same sad, ugly ass blog theme since day 1.1.

I realize I’ve been promising – unfilled promises, yes – that there were changes a-coming to my blog site, complete with a new, branded look, a podcast, video, free booze and all sorts of fun.  Well the time is nigh, my friends! 

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Las Vegas Reviews

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Posted November 17th, 2009 by Christopher -

A little while back I decided that it was time to start working on a new Las Vegas blog project that caters to writing reviews about Las Vegas restaurants, hotels, and the normal sort of thing, but I didn’t want it to be limited to just Las Vegas reviews.  I’m seriously into wine.  It’s something that I am very passionate about.  So much so, in fact, I’ve done a lot of traveling that’s just about increasing my wine knowledge and experiences with wine and food, from Napa to the Rhone Valley in France and back.  I’m at the point now where I know that I can share a lot about wines and foods in a way that will not only be educational, but could help other people really understand what it is that they like and how to select wines they run across and have a pretty good idea whether they will like it or not.

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Las Vegas Pink Taco

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Posted August 28th, 2009 by Christopher - 4 comments

Pink Taco logoFree… the most beautiful word in the English language.  Well, it might be a recession and yes, you can find deals, but free — that’s a whole ‘nuther animal!  I was at the Hard Rock Hotel walking from the parking garage yesterday, and when I walked past The Pink Taco (home of the world famous “wet burrito”) I saw a sign with a delicious-looking pink margarita.  I suddenly realized what I was reading:  Every Thursday from five to seven p.m., girls who show up wearing pink drink free – free pink margaritas!

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