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Las Vegas Roller Derby

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Posted December 19th, 2010 by Paige - 2 comments

Las Vegas Roller Derby GirlsAnyone who knows me knows I’m constantly complaining about the lack of culture in Las Vegas. Every “community event” that I’ve gone to has been so sadly thrown together that I never go again. Even the long standing community event First Friday has lost all of its luster for me. I’d rather stay home and watch a movie than maneuver my way through all the hipsters to get to the two artists that I like.

A few months ago, a savior in the form of an awesome community event appeared: The Fabulous Sin City Roller Derby. Now this is the point where I should tell you what year it first started, how far they’ve come, et cetera… but I’m not going to do that. As far as I’m concerned they didn’t exist before I found them. They materialized out of a fog, because if they hadn’t, it would kill the magic.

I will explain a bit of how Roller Derby works, however. Basically there is a pack of girls. Yes, they are seriously called “The Pack.” They take off on an elongated circular track, and when they’ve gone about twenty feet, the two “jammers” from each team take off after them. They are all you need to worry about and they have stars on their helmets so they are really easy to spot. The first one to get through the pack is the lead jammer and she starts earning points every time she beats her way through the pack.

Sin City Roller Derby GirlsI am not a sports person. At all. I’ve given nearly every sport a fair shake and I’ve just found them too long and boring. I even watched a show today about football and it seems they only had two stories to talk about. Both of the stories were completely stupid. However, there is something about Roller Derby that makes it exactly up my alley. It’s not too long, there are scantily clad women, and there are no “football minutes” to be had anywhere. Each team gets a few time outs but they fly by. It’s the perfect sport.

There are three home teams: The Hoover Damned, The Notorious VIPS, and The Tommy Gun Terrors. Each girl has her own “Derby” name, and they are all awesome — they match both their personality and the theme of the team. I also love that the numbers on the back of their derby shirts mean absolutely nothing. For example, Josie Savage from the VIP’s number is “7ATE9”. I usually spend most of my time after a “bout” thinking about what my derby name would be if I were in good enough shape to join up.

Notorious VIP Josie SavageI would have never found out about the derby if it weren’t for Lisa Carr ($0 Down) of the VIPS. We actually made friends through Twitter, where she runs the FJ Toyota dealership (Does her derby name make sense now? I love it!). She also happens to be president of the derby this season, so make sure and buy tickets and attend the next bout on January 8th at 8:00PM.  Use the discount code “lisacarr” and get $10.00 pre-sale tickets! Become a fan on Facebook to know when tickets go on sale.

Yes, it’s at the Rivera, but don’t let that scare you! Let me know you are going, and we can walk back to our cars together for safety!

This article was contributed to While Las Vegas Sleeps… by the lovely Ms. Paige Clarno.

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  1. Rachael B on February 2, 2011 :

    Awesome! We have 2 all girl Roller Derby teams here in Reno; Reno Derby Girls and the Battle Born Derby Demons. Reno Derby Girls are soliciting for new members. Hmmmm I am SO interested in checking it out.
    Am not a sports person either. But this is soooooo fun.

  2. Paige on February 9, 2011 :

    I’m actually from Reno! Every time I come to visit I want to go see the Reno teams, but so far my dates haven’t matched up with a bout!