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Eddie Izzard in Las Vegas – “Stripped” Tour

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Posted July 27th, 2008 by Christopher -

Since it opened, I’ve somehow managed to not go to a show at The Pearl, the live concert venue at The Palms. I’ve heard so much about how there aren’t really any bad seats in the house, as the layout makes the most of its relatively small size. After tonight’s show featuring one of my favorite comedians, Eddie Izzard, I have to say that I can’t imagine that there are any really good seats in the house. Okay, you can see well from pretty much anywhere, sure, but you won’t be enjoying the view in comfort, let’s put it that way. I understand that they had to make the most of the space they had to work with, but I was left wondering if the seats were designed by Japanese engineers, like some roller coaster rides that just don’t fit guys my size – six feet, three inches tall. I kind of sat sideways and back in my chair and made the most of it. I’ve digressed…

I enjoyed the show. It has to be a difficult spot to be in when you’re your own hard act to follow. Eddie Izzard‘s HBO special performance show Dress to Kill just absolutely killed ’em. I still laugh my ass off each and every time I see it. It really doesn’t get old. He had a sense a pacing and timing that was amazing. He tied earlier segments back into later parts of his performance and tossed out those “hand grenade” type of jokes – the kind that take a few moments for the audience to get – every so often throughout the show. Everything just seemed to be perfectly executed and the best part of it was that it was all very, very smart comedy. I remember the first time I saw Dress to Kill, I said,”this is probably the most brilliant comedian alive today.” If he’s not the most brilliant he certainly is right up there among them.

It was almost ten years ago – 1999 – that Eddie Izzard did that performance that’s such a huge HBO classic. I didn’t see it for the first time until several many years after that, perhaps 2003. To me, it’s as fresh today as I am sure it is tired to him doing “that thing,” which of course, is being a grown man, who happens to love women, dressing in drag and going on stage to perform and entertain crowds of hundreds of people. Yep, he’s a transvestite – an action transvestite. Google it. 😉

He said right off in the show tonight that the transvestite thing was fun and people wanted him to do it, and then it was like, he had to do it and so now he’s saying,”No! I don’t have to,” so this tour he’s dressing like a regular guy. Call me crazy, I guess, but I actually prefer him in drag. Being pigeonholed as an actor is never a good thing, so I get why he’s not, plus there’s the whole “Dance, monkey!” angle that’s just retarded – the way that some people want the same sorts of jokes and performances over and over. Some idiot even yelled out lines from a previous stand-up act from the crowd and he said,”Don’t recite my stand-up lines to me!”

I was thinking that his two tour dates in Las Vegas – last night and tonight – were earlier on in this tour. He’s actually been going for a couple of months now, apparently – I looked at his schedule tonight after the show. There were some things about his performance that just underscored that idea in my head that he had just started the tour, as well. It just wasn’t as polished as I’d hoped for. It was smart comedy but was not one of his best performances. He seemed to make fun of his process of learning what’s working for audiences, mimicking a movement of writing notes to the crowd’s reactions in the air – a lot. Maybe it’s just been a while since he’s been doing a lot of stand-up… He’s definitely had his hands full with other things like his television show “The Riches” and a string of movies, from Ocean’s Thirteen, on down. In the end, though, I think he’s just one hell of a hard act to follow… and he’s the only person he can be compared to. No one else does anything even remotely similar to him. Eddie, you’ll always be one of my favorites… Cheers!

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